Established in 1975 Colombo Filati, a flexible, agile and growing company, has been serving the cotton yarn market for over two decades.

Colombo Filati has relationships with spinning mills all over the world (India, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, and Zambia...). In addition, over the years Colombo Filati has gained an edge in the egyptian market where after years of research and selections, it is considered to be one of the main interface for the best Italian weavings.

Colombo Filati is constantly changing its operations to stay up with sudden market evolutions. Due to his close attention to market changes, Colombo Filati is continuously looking for first quality yarn selections from new emerging markets.

With its efficient distribution system utilizing a wide area of warehouses and company owned trucks, Colombo Filati is able to guarantee fast delivery not only for large lots, but also for small lots. Colombo Filati provides supplies for all his clients as best as he can.

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V. Alessandro Volta 21 - 20050 Sovico (Mi) - Italy
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